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Post by Lil'Tiger on Wed Sep 02, 2009 1:29 pm

Alright, so here is an application for an admin role, global mod, or co-Admin

Real Name:
E-mail Address:

Reason for application (no, because I want it or because):

Previous experiences (were you a moderator or administrator at any other forums?):

Position of Interest (Global Moderator,RP mod, Co-Admin, or Admin?) and why:

Please answer the following questions.

- What do you like about the PLLK community, and what would you be able to improve as staff?

- How often do you visit PLLK forums?

- What are some of your strengths that other applicants may not share?

- What are some of your weaknesses?

PM VampireSimba(admin) or me (also admin) after you copied it out and filled it in.
When you finish and send in your application, we will send you specific hypothetical situations and ask you what your response would be. When you send them back, your application will be complete.

Mod Application 2wpm5vp
Mod Application X3w50
Mod Application Forliltiger made by serra20

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